Our Future

5Southwark Studios - Architectural Visualisation - Opening 2020

Southwark Studios has secured new, long-term affordable workspace by working with the redevelopment plans for our former temporary site (see Our History).

We are now carefully considering how to use this new space in order to build on our success and identify ways of improving it further. We plan to build around 35 individual studios together with communal areas and an Art Gallery with public access showing exhibitions and educational events. The new Southwark Studios are scheduled to open at the start of 2020 and we are now seeking the funding required to plan, design and construct the studios.

We are proud of our success in reacting to redevelopment plans. We spent several years consulting, lobbying and working with land owners, developers, the local council and the Greater London Authority to ensure we would not be ‘moved on’ as redevelopment took hold of our area.

Approved Workspace Provider

In 2017 Southwark Studios became a Southwark Council approved provider of workspace for the borough.

During a detailed application and screening process Southwark Studios demonstrated our experience in providing managed workspace, our ability to support our members and evidence that including our studios within planning applications adds significant value.

Through our previous studio complex (see Our HistorySouthwark Studios has played a significant role in business and skills development through providing well-managed workspace for the Borough’s entrepreneurial and small business base in the creative sector.

We are committed to supporting economic growth and investing in Southwark’s local economy, facilitating business growth, employment opportunities, and skills development as part of new and existing developments.

Southwark Studios is looking to expand, provide affordable workspace to pull further investment into the Borough and enhance local employment prospects.

The Southwark Gallery

In addition to new studios we envisage communal spaces that encourage engagement, most notably a large publicly accessible gallery we have named “The Southwark Gallery”, a space designed specifically to provide long-term public benefit.

This flexible gallery space will be available to studio members to exhibit work produced within the new studios, as well as to other enterprises such as local charities for public educational events. The gallery will be staffed and open to provide an annual program for the community and a cultural anchor to the redeveloped estate, drawing locals and visitors into the redeveloped site.

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