Southwark Studios supports a wide cohort of artists, designers and makers... is a strong advocate for the sector and has contributed to shaping the Mayor's policies on affordable workspace"

Arts Council England recognise Southwark Studios' important role in the art ecology of the city. It offers the essential ingredients for visual artists to develop their practice"

Southwark Council support Southwark Studios' social impact goals. They are committed to supporting local economic growth, with a track record since 2009 of investing in the borough"


Southwark Studios provides affordable places to work for individual artists and small businesses in the creative industries

Southwark Studios is a Benefit for the Community Society. We specialise in working with Developers and Local Authorities to deliver truly affordable artists studios whilst achieving planning obligations in the emerging sector of affordable workspace.

We are currently designing and building a number of new locations that Southwark Studios will manage, each secured on long-term agreements as part of redevelopment sites. Our new locations will include what we value most: affordable artists studios, communal areas and public engagement spaces.

Building the Future: Long-term Artists Studios

Southwark Studios has pioneered a new solution to securing truly affordable creative workspaces in our capital.

For over a decade we have developed our working model that successfully integrates affordable workspaces into new-build mixed-use sites by engaging Developers throughout the planning process. We have achieved multiple long-term agreements on terms that are viable for all stakeholders. The examples we have set are used by the Greater London Authority as best practice.

Our experience of achieving planning obligations whilst securing detailed and affordable terms allow Southwark Studios to manage all-inclusive workspaces that deliver positive social outcomes for generations.

We continue to seek out new opportunities to partner with Developers and share our knowledge of delivering affordable workspace. Southwark Studios will continue to replicate our successful model, bringing activation, social engagement and creative communities to new locations.

Vinegar Yard, SE1

  • 13,000sqft over lower ground.
  • 30 studios and the new home of “The Southwark Gallery” a public engagement space.
  • Landmark agreement to provide truly affordable creative workspace as part of a central location, Bermondsey Street SE1.
  • Secured on affordable terms with a 15 year lease with option to 30 years.
  • Opening 2026.

Ruby Triangle, SE15

  • 6,000sqft over multiple ground floor units.
  • 12 studios suitable for light-industrial creative practitioners.
  • Secured on affordable terms with a 30 year lease.
  • Opening 2024.

Pickle Factory, SE1

  • 12,000sqft over ground and basement.
  • 25 studios a public engagement space.
  • Secured in 2016 with a pioneering Section 106 agreement, used as the example of best practice within the GLA Supplementary Planning Guidance for delivery of affordable workspace obligations.
  • Secured on affordable terms with a 25 year lease.
  • Opening 2022.

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Our History

Founded in 2009 Southwark Studios took a meanwhile-use lease on an industrial building near Tower Bridge Road.

We converted this space into 43 studio units that were let on all-inclusive affordable terms. We also provided a range of communal areas, a cinema, dark room, library, meeting rooms and kitchens.

We operated at capacity catering to over 250 tenants including the UK’s most successful Kickstarter and Etsy creative businesses. 80% of the tenants used the studios as a place of business.  We curated a productive community, helping to launch the careers of internationally renowned creative practitioners.

We also hosted a successful community engagement programme, welcoming visitors to our Open Studios, art exhibitions and educational events. Our events space was free to use for other local creative groups and charities. We maintain strong ties to our local community.

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